Mt Rushmore Marathon & Crazy Horse Marathon
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 Reason's to Run


Reasons to Run:  It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3 

Reason to Run allows participants to raise funds for any of the official event charities of the Mt Rushmore Marathon & Crazy Horse Marathon.  Simply  register for the event, select your Reason to Run charity, setup your own fundraising page, and start raising funds.


STEP 1:  Become a Participant by Registering or Volunteering
There are many ways to support your chosen cause:

Click here to Register:  Register as a runner or walker for one of the races.  Once you register for an event,  you can use the pledge program to raise funds.

Click here to Volunteer: Spend part of your weekend with us and receive a free Official Event T-Shirt. 


STEP 2: Choose Reason to Run by Selecting Official Event Charity

Select a Reason to Run Team below to donate or sponsor a participant:   To learn more about the cause, click on the name of the charity and you will be taken to their team page. Or view their web site which is listed at the end of each description.

Choose your Reason to Run which allows you to raise funds for a great cause while participating or volunteering for the Mt Rushmore Marathon & Crazy Horse Marathon events (Marathon, Half Marathon, Marathon Relay, 5K Run/Walk, and Kids Fun Run).

Reason to Run Teams (click on team name below for more info, make a donation, or setup your own fundraising page)

Team 1:  Girls on the Run Of Pennington County
Team 2:  Black Hills Runner's Club
Team 3:  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of South Dakota
Team 4:  SDSU Track & Field and Cross Country
Team 5:  Boys and Girls Club of the Black Hills
Team 6:  Pennington County Search and Rescue
Team 7:  Custer Search and Rescue
Team 8:  Custer High School Cross Country Team
Team 9:  Pennington County Sherriff Reserve Officers
Team 10:  Piedmont Valley Lions Club

STEP 3: Setup Personal Fundraising Page and Collect Donations
Once you are signed up to participate, you can then use our online fundraising program to raise funds for your cause! Select Team name above then click on "Be a Fundraiser" to setup your own fundrasing page and begin collecting funds!


How Do We Add Our Charity?

The 2008 Mt Rushmore & Crazy Horse Marathon “Reasons to Run” program offers a unique fundraising opportunity for non-profits and charitable organizations to raise money using an established event at no cost.  The basic premise of the program is allowing official event charities to utilize our event as a fundraising opportunity for their group in exchange for providing volunteers that enable us to put on the event.  We know how hard and time consuming it is to plan and execute an event.   The “Reasons to Run” program, allows you to be involved in a fun, healthy event and all you need to do is provide 10-20 volunteers for the event.   This can be accomplished through referring event sponsors, recruiting runners and walkers, online contributions, and providing volunteers. 



Referring Event Sponsors – If a charitable organization refers a sponsor for the event we will give that charity twenty-five percent (25%) of the cash sponsorship donation.  In order to ensure correct distribution, the referral must be the person with signature authority for the organization and designate your charity to receive 25% of their sponsorship.



Recruiting Runners and Walkers A charitable organization will have the opportunity to recruit participants to run, walk, or volunteer for any of the events (full, half marathons, relay, or 5K) in the name of their charitable organization.   Participants will utilize the online fundraising tool on the event website to solicit donations to reach their personal fundraising goals.  All of these donations (100%) will go directly to your charity minus the processing fee.



Recruiting Relay Teams - Create a team-building opportunity or fun internal challenge by recruiting relay teams. 



Online Contributions - Once you have recruited your runners, walkers, and volunteers they can use our online fundraising tool to set up a personal web page using the tool provided by us that they can use to solicit donations from their family, friends, and co-workers for your charity. For example, the participant could send e-mails saying something like “I am running the Mt Rushmore Marathon and trying to raise $500 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation select the link below to visit my personal fundraising page and make a donation



Providing Visibility for your Organization -   Showcase your organization and  its services at a booth or tent at the Health and Fitness Expo and/or the Finish line.  Also, you will have the opportunity to give a short presentation at the Thursday night event dinner.  A portion of the dinner fees will go to the official event charities based on the number of volunteers that participate with the event.


Providing Volunteers – A requirement to be an Official Event Charity will be to provide volunteers to help with event operations during event week.    The more volunteers you have the more opportunities you will have to raise funds.   Each event charity will be responsible for managing one part of the event.  Opportunities available are:  Helping with the Health and Fitness Expo prior to the races, starting areas, aide stations along the course, and the finish area.  Providing 10-20 volunteers is required to be an Official Event Charity. The volunteers would also have the opportunity raise additional funds by using the provided online fundraising tool to solicit additional donations.  Utilizing the provided tool they could send out emails to friends, families, and co-workers saying something like “I am volunteering at the Mt Rushmore Marathon and trying to raise $500 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Select the link below to visit my personal fundraising page and make a donation


Thank Your Contributors - Use our event to thank your contributors by offering incentives and finish line benefits.  For example, you could have a special table or tent set up in the finish area to use as a gathering place to offer food and drinks to your participants, massages, or have drawings for door prizes. 

Reasons to Run FAQ's

How do we add our Charity?   Don't see your Reason to Run then contact us?   There are opportunities for all charities to be involved in the Reason to Run and the event is open to all kinds of causes that are in need of funds. Please review our basic requirements below. Then contact us at to receive the simple instructions to join, contact us.

What do we need to do to become an official Event Charity?
The Reason to Run includes a Marathon, Half Marathon, Marathon Relay, 5k Run/Walk,  and 2-day Health & Fitness Expo. Events take place in the Rapid City, SD area and throughout the Central and Black Hills Region. Participants must first register for one of the above listed events and then have the opportunity to raise money for their chosen cause in our pledge program. We ask each cause to supply us with the following requirements in order to be listed as a beneficiary in the Reason to Run:

  • Supply 10-20 volunteers for Race Weekend
  • Supply the Reason to Run with a 501c3 number.
  • Supply the Reason to Run with information to put on the web site.
  • Communicate information about the Reason to Run to your supporters.
  • Promote the event via newsletters and including event fliers within your regular mailings (artwork provided by event)

What does the Charity Receive?
The Reason to Run will provide the following:

  • The event weekend, post event food give away and a 2-day Health & Fitness Expo
  • All event production free of cost: Event T-shirts, water, permits, government fees, services, insurance, marketing, production and management.
  • Online registration site and offline registration forms for the event
  • Online donation and fundrasing site for the event
  • Receive and process all registration and online pledge funds
  • Provide the charity with all donation funds within 4-6 weeks of the pledge deadline (the pledge deadline is a few weeks after the event: 11/30)
  • Provide artwork for event fliers, brochures, and posters for printing and distribution
  • Free packet insert into event goodie bags
  • Fifty percent (50%) off pre-event and post-event expo booth fees
  • Named as official event charity which makes your charity eligble to revieve upto 25% of corporate sponsorship donations ( see sponsorship opportunities form for more details)
  • Expo booth to promote thier charity

What are the Fees?
The following explains how the fees are broken down:

  • 75 % of all pledge money goes to the charity
  • 25 % of all pledge money goes to fees: 5% for credit card processing fees, 15% for online management and 5% for administrative processing.



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