Mt Rushmore Marathon & Crazy Horse Marathon
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We have compiled a list of questions that we have received over the past few months hopefully this will help answer questions you may have as well.  We will see you at the finish line!

Q1: I am not staying at the Host Hotel will there be a shuttle available for me to get to the start?   Will there be any shuttles from Rapid City to the race start?  Will there be any shuttles from Hill City to the race start?  I am running the marathon or half marathon and would like to park my car at the start and then take a shuttle from the finish back to the start, is that possible?  Shuttles will be leaving from the Host Hotels only according to the schedule listed online.  The shuttles will be dropping people off at the respective both start lines.  Limited seating is available on the shuttles and will be available on first come first serve basis.  Shuttle service will be provided courtesy of our sponsor Mt Rushmore Tours.  You must stop at the expo to reserve a space on the shuttles from your Host Hotel otherwise you will be responsible for your own transportation. Come early and signup so that we can get an accurate estimate of how many trips we will need to make to each start line.  The shuttles have a limited capacity of 44-47 people.All shuttles will drop people off at the start lines Mt Rushmore or Crazy Horse.  Following the event shuttles will run a regular schedule from the finish line back to Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Fort Hayes, and the Host Hotels.  If a shuttle is full before it's scheduled departure time they will leave. 

Q2:  If I am running only 5K do I need to go to the expo to get my packet? Can I drive into Hill City and go directly to the start line?  Is the start line information in my packet? If I am only running the 5K do I even need a packet? And what is my BIB?     All participants from the Kids Run to the Marathon and Marathon Relay runners need to pickup thier packet at the expo/packet pickup.  There will be no race day registration or packet pickup.  All 5K runners will be bused from the 1880 Train Station to the start.  There is no parking at the 5K start.  The 5K starts at just South of the intersection Deerfield Road or Burnt Fork Road on the Mickelson Trail  and finishes in the 1880 Train. Course maps are available online and at packet pickup.  All 5K runners/walkers will need a BIB and Chip.  The BIB is your participant number.

Q3:  On the registration form it has a place for Chip ID, what is this?    This is for individuals that own thier own yellow "personal" Champion Chip.  If you own your own chip and would like to use it you must provide your Chip ID online when registering and bring your Chip to packet pickup for verification prior to using it at the event otherwise you will need to use the assigned black "rental" chip. 

Q4:  What is the promotional code mentioned on the registration form?  Promotional codes have been placed on select brochures/flyers near the mailing label or on the side near the registration area of the form.  Simply enter the code when registering online to be eligble for discounts or possible free entries.    

Q5:  Why did you change the marathon and half marathon courses?   We have changed the courses this year to be similar to the 2006 event with some improvements to both the Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse starts in addition the miles 13 through 19 on the back half of the marathon course.  

Q6: What are the cut-off times for the Marathon and Half Marathon?    Approximately six (6) hours for the marathon and five (5) hours for the half marathon.  The primary reason for the closure times are to allow for the volunteers time to shut down and come to the finish line to help out.  This will allow us to keep the trail part of the course and finish line open for seven (7) hours.    

Q7: Can a person walk the marathon and/or half marathon?    As long as you can complete the marathon or half marathon before course closure.   We encourage and welcome elites, competitive runners, recreational runners, joggers and walkers.  If you think you can not complete the marathon before course closure and we suggest that you compete in the half marathon.

Q8: Is the fee for a relay team a total or per team member fee?    The team captain pays the fee for the WHOLE team.  The team captain is then responsible to enter all of their team members information prior to event weekend.  The team captain should register online then using their athlete account can select Team Roster Management from their Athlete Home Page to add or edit their remaining team members. 

Q9: Where and when do the shuttles run?    The shuttles run between the Host Hotel and the start/finish lines throughout the course.  The shuttles start early in the morning and will run through out the day on a regular schedule which is posted online.  You must sign up at the expo to be guaranteed a seat on the shuttles. 

Q10: Do runners have to pay for shuttle passes?  How long are the shuttle passes valid?    Runners do not have to pay for the shuttle they can simply show the driver their BIBs.  Friends, family, and fans will need to purchase a pass online in advance.  Passes must be picked up at the EXPO prior to the event.  Passes will NOT be sold the day of the event on the buses.  Runners will get priority on the shuttles.

Q11: What groups are eligible for registration discounts and how do we get them? You must use a promo code to be eligible for discounts.  Some of the discounts are only applicable for a limited time.

Q12: If we can not make it to the EXPO, can we have someone pickup our packet for us? Can we pickup our packets on Sunday?     Packet pickup is only available on Thursday and Friday during the EXPO.  There will be no packet pickup on Saturday.  If someone is picking up your packet for you for any reason they must have:  (1) a signed printout of your online entry confirmation giving them authorization to pickup your packet  (2) photocopy of your ID.  Each relay team member will receive a packet, shirt, BIB and will be required to stop by packet pickup to sign a waiver.  The team captain will be responsible for chip pickup and instructions.

Q13: Why has the marathon relay changed from five (5) to four (4) runners?    The relay was changed for multiple reasons:  (1)  Allows more people to participate by making it easier to form a four person team rather then a five person team.   (2)  Allows the event to provide timing splits @ four course locations that will allow for meaningful splits to the marathon, half-marathon, and marathon relay participants.  (3)  Runner saftey, parking, internet access, communications, power, toilets, and course logistics work out very well at four desiginatged locations along the course. It was very difficult to find a fifth location that met all of these requirements and also provided a meaningful split points to marathon and half-marathon runners.  (4)  We have also added a 5K Run/Walk to accomodate the runners that feel  more comfortable with the shorter distances. 

Q14: Where is the post party and do we need to buy tickets?    The post party will be in the tent near the finish line and a post post party after the awards ceremony at the Bumpin Buffalo.  Participants will be provided free basic food and choice of Prairie Berry Wine, a Michelob Ultra, coffee or soda.   Other options are available for purchase.  Friends and family can purchase meals and beverages if desired.    

Q15: Are finisher medals, t-shirts, photos and certificates provided?    Finisher medals will be provided only for marathon and half marathoners that finish prior to course closure.  All event shirts must be picked up at the EXPO.  Long Sleeve Technical Event shirts will be provided for marathon, half-marathon, and relay teams.  5K and Kids Run participants will receive cotton t-shirts.  If you are a late registrant and did not get a shirt at packet pickup and would prefer to have you shirt mailed ($5 shipping/handling fee will apply), please pay the shipping/handling charge online within the Merchandise area then contact event staff with shipping information.  Medals will not be provided for relay teams or 5K participants.  Official Finisher Certificates will be available for purchase online during the registration process and directly following the event.   Event Photos will be available for purchase online directly following the event.

Q16: Do each of the team members need to register or just the captain?   How do we update information within our Marathon Relay registraion?   Team Relay Registration steps:  (1) Team Captain creates and pays for entire team  (2) Team Captain completes team roster during registration process  (3) Team Captain can add/update Team Roster by selecting "Manage Team Roster" icon from Athlete Home Page after logging in with User ID & Password  (4) Questions can be answered by downloading the Team Roster Management help file.  If you have additional questions, please Contact Us or call 605 331 0030.

Q17: Do relay team members all get the same size shirts?  No, the Team Captain can select invidual shirts sizes for each team member during registration.
Q18: What do I do with our clothes and other items that I would like to have at the finish line?    Limited parking will be available at each of the relay exchange points, and viewing areas.  Additionaly, an event volunteer will be available to bring your items to a designated area at the finish line in the tent.  Items must be placed in the bag given to you at packet pickup and labeled with your name, race, and bib number.  The event will not be responsible for lost items.
Q19: What happens if we want to have a COED Relay Team that does not have two (2) men and two (2) women?    Four person teams with three (3) men and one (1) woman or three (3) women and one (1) man can signup but will not be eligible for prize money or awards.  Must be four (4) person teams with two (2) men and two (2) woman per team to be eligbile for prize money or awards.
Q20: What happens if I decide not to run the event?  Can I get a refund?    There are no refunds, but you can transfer your registration to the following year's event.   Yes, you are allowed to change races as long as it is completed no later than three (3) weeks prior to the event.  The participant will be responsible for any additional costs associated with changing races.  Event staff will be hard at work preparing race packets, bibs, and chips during event week and any change after that time will require volunteers to redo the preparation work for that individual.  Therefore please Contact Us or call 605 331 0030 prior to event week to make any necessary changes. 
Q21: Can I change from the marathon to the half-marathon or another race?   Yes, you are allowed to change races as long as it is completed no later than three (3) weeks prior to the event.  The participant will be responsible for any additional costs associated with changing races.  Event staff will be hard at work preparing race packets, bibs, and chips during event week and any change after that time will require volunteers to redo the preparation work for that individual.  Therefore please Contact Us or call 605 331 0030 prior to event week to make any necessary changes. 
Q22:  What if it is less than 4 weeks prior to the race and I want to switch races?  Since we have already placed our shirt, and medal orders that are specific to a start, you will need to re-register for the new race then we will process a refund for the old race.  If the cost is higher, you will need to pay the higher cost for the new race.  This is only available to online registrants.
Q23: Where do we park on Event Day?  Where do we park in Hill City?  There are large parking lots available near Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Fort Hayes, and Palmer Gulch Lodge.  We would suggest car pooling to start then taking the shuttles to the start after the post party.  Parking will be available in limited areas throughout downtown HIll City in public lots and on the streets.  The will be NO PARKING in downtown Hill City on Main Avenue, 1880 Train lot or on the East side of Railroad Aveune.  These areas are reserved for the course and the shuttle buses. 
Q24: I heard the roads will be closed during the event.  What roads will be closed and when?    The Westbound lane of HWY 244 will be closed to traffic begining at 5 am on race day and will reopen as soon as the last athlete has finished that portion of the course.  HWY 16/385 will have the shoulder plus one Southbound lane closed from HWY 244 intersection approximately 800 meters to just past the Mickelson Trail bridge.  Within Hill City, SD most of the downtown streets including Main Avenue, Elm Street, and Deerfield Road will be closed from approximately 5AM until 2PM on event day.  Alternate routes will be available via Railroad Avenue, Pine Avenue, and one lane with pilot cars will be available on Deerfield Road.  Pariticipants will be responsible for ensuring thier own safety and following the rules of the road when running on and crossing any roads. 
Q25: Where are the best places for my friends and family to watch me run?  How do my friends and family get from the Start Lines to Finish Lines?  How do they get back to the start to get thier car after the race?   There will be a number of Viewing Points along the courses to cheer on participants (Mt Rushmore Memorial, Crazy Horse Memorial, Palmer Gulch Lodge, Oreville Station, HWY244/HWY16 Intersection, Downtown Hill City, 1880 Train, Newton Fork Ranch. Burnt Fork Road, and High Country Ranch.  Parking will be limited at viewing points we suggest riding or renting a bike to get to each location.  Parking will be available in the public lots in Hill City.  No parking allowed on Main Avenue, the Eastside of Railroad Avenue or in the 1880 Train Lot in Hill City.

Q26: I have seen conflicting information regarding start times. When does each race start?  Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay start promptly at 7:00AM @ each respective monument.  5K Run/Walk starts promptly at 8:00AM.  Kids Race Starts @ 11:00AM at the 1880 Train in downtown Hill City.

Q27: How do we get our relay runners to the right locations and pick them up. Will we be able to be on the race course for this?   Relay participants can de driven and dropped off/picked up at each of the Relay Exchange points.  Relay teams area encourage to provide their own transportation.

Q28:  As part of my registration, I signed up for and paid for the Chuckwagon Dinner and Variety Show and Black Hills Tour. We will be arriving in Rapid City on Thursday afternoon. Where do we get our tickets for the Dinner and Show and further where is the Dinner and Show going to be held?  Simply bring your online receipt or entry confirmation email for the breakfast, tour, or show.  Your names will appear on a list at Fort Hayes ticket window. The pancake breakfast, Black Hills Tour/Mt Rushmore Tour and the Cowboy Dinner & Show are located at Fort Hayes which is approx five (5) miles South of Rapid City on HW16 West (aka Mt Rushmore Road).  Call Fort Hayes/Mt Rushmore Tours @ 888-343-3113 for directions and shuttle pickup information.  

Q29: How do I get my warm up clothes to the next relay exchange point or finish line area?  Utilize the AllSportCentral bag that you will be given at packet pickup to store your warm up clothes while you run.  Event staff/volunteers will be available to pickup your warm up bags at the Marathon and Half Marathon start lines.  All bags will be returned to the finish line at 1880 Train in Hill City for recovery.  Relay teams are encouraged to be responsible for getting their team members, clothing, and supplies to relay exchange points and finish line.  If for some reason you are unable to find your bag, all bags will be taken to the finish line at the 1880 Train in downtown Hill City.  Participants are responsible for their own items.  Please do not leave valuables in your bags.  A bag drop tag is available on each of your bibs and will be required to pickup your bag.

Q30:  I am registered for the Marathon, but want to change to Half. Is that still possible?  Yes, as long as it is 4 weeks prior to the race.  In order to recieve a refund for the fee difference, you will need to register for the full and then contact us to refund your half registration fee.

Q30:  I am trying to register a relay team, and my promo code discount isn't working.  Promo code discounts are only valid for the individual marathons and half marathons.

Q31: Can I switch between races, start locations, or distance?  Yes, you can switch without penalities until 4 weeks prior to the event . If you are within 4 weeks you will need to follow the SWITCHING RACES POLICY outlined on the Registration Form Page

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